Speaking is a language’s basis. You communicate with everyone. The other understands you and talks to you. At work, in the shop, with the neighbours, in the  train, everywhere.

When practising, you will perceive that you are progressing. Your speaking skills will improve, your vocabulary will increase and your expression skills in general will develop.


Listening is essential for a correct comprehension of a language. At the start, it can be difficult but finally everyone will succeed. You can understand the other and comprehend what he or she is saying to you. Listening to the radio or comprenhending what is being said on television require also good listening skills.

You start with short and simple sound clips, gradually becoming longer. This way, you will comprehend more and more of the spoken language.


Writing is important. You must be able to express yourself in writing. For example in an e-mail, in a letter of application or in a letter to an authority.


Reading can be much fun! You will be able to read the paper, the subtitles on TV and nice and intresting books. As well when you must fill in a form, you must understand what exactly you are supposed to do.

Develop your love for Dutch with us.