About me

Something about me

I am Gertjan van der Deure. Born and raised in Hilversum, I moved in the late eighties to the city of Utrecht, to become a student at Utrecht University.

Languages have always been attractive to me. Ever since High School, I am strongly intrested in languages. I rather quickly understand how a language is put together, how it’s pronounced and I quickly increase my vocabulary. When talking another language, I can enjoy making myself understood in a foreign language.

I studied French at Utrecht University and later I did PABO (Pedagogical Academy Primary) and I teached for several years at primaries. Also I followed courses Swedish at Volksuniversiteit. Beside my mother tongue, I speak English and reasonably German. From the French I somewhat understand Italian and Spanish, both Roman languages as well. The same is true for Norwegian because of the Germanic background.

Teaching is a very pleasant thing to do for me. My way of teaching is practical, various and serious. It’s wonderful to see students develop their abilities. In addition to their knowledge of the language, so does their self-confidence. The realization that they have learned something themselves. They learn another language. I put in for me with much pleasure.


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