Course duration

Duration of the course

How many courses you need, depends on your level. On average it takes 30 lessons to go from one level to the next (for example from A1 to A2 or B1 to B2). However, note that it can take more or less time. You can start a course at any moment.

Series of lessons

It is also possible to have a series of ten lessons. In these lessons we discuss a certain aspect you are eager to perfect. For instance the pronunciation of the diphthongs (‘oe’, ‘ui’, ‘ei’, so on and so forth), the sequence of the word in the sentence or the different uses of the word ‘er’.

Intensive courses

In an intensive course you learn in a shorter period Dutch or a certain part of Dutch. For instance reading specific texts, listening to more complex audio clips or practicing grammatical issues such as inversion and attributes.

You have more classes, two or three times a week, and you will have to do more homework. An intensive course requires that you work harder but such a course gives often faster results.

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